Horsham – Lifestyle

Horsham is a lively city with excellent employment opportunities and access to quality shopping, dining, entertainment and recreation.

Offering residents calm and tranquil living, you’ll be treated to a laid-back, family-friendly lifestyle featuring all you need and more sans the stresses of city life.


Horsham has a number of different spaces and places to ensure a lifestyle of recreation and leisure.

Featuring its own Aquatic Centre with state-of-the-art swimming pools and gym facilities, as well as a whole number of other parks, gardens and reserves, there is plenty to ensure healthy and wholesome living for all.

Food and Wine

With a rich cafe culture that can’t be beat, as well as a paddock-to-plate ethos that underpins all the city’s restaurants, Horsham residents are spoiled for choice when it comes to fine food.

Wineries, wine tours and stunning family-owned estates also surround the city, showcasing the beauty of the region’s viticulture.

Arts and Culture

Boasting a dynamic arts community, Horsham prides itself on its rich arts and cultural scene.

With annual arts festivals, renowned architecture, musical performances, its own Regional Art Gallery, and a newly-constructed performing arts centre, the city is a magnet for the discerning culturist. 

Horsham is also renowned for the three-day biennial Nati Frinj Festival which draws on the talents of artists and community support in the neighbouring township of Natimuk.


Horsham region is renowned for its dynamic arts community. You will find festivals, musical performances, a dynamic art gallery, excellent theatre and many vibrant art workshops.

All this is strengthened by very active service clubs and sporting organisations, all awaiting to welcome you. Horsham is a place where families, couples and singles can embrace a new way of life filled with the friendships of a close-knit community and punctuated by the calm of country living.


Horsham lies 300 kilometres north-west of Melbourne and lies on the main rail and road route linking Melbourne to South Australia. V/Line runs coach transport to Horsham from Melbourne on a regular timetable and the city also features its own public transport network as well as a number of electric Charge Points for vehicles.


Managed by the Wimmera Health Care Group, the Wimmera Base Hospital provides residents with access to the highest level of care in the Wimmera and Southern Mallee region. The Health Care Group also focuses on acute care, community health, residential care and employment opportunities, making it a key contributor to the city’s liveability.


Providing a vibrant shopping experience, Horsham has a variety of boutique and specialty retailers all located within easy walking distance. With a selection of independent and chain outlets as well as a number of country markets, you’ll find everything you need in this thriving regional hub.

This project was made possible thanks to support from the Victorian State Government.