St Arnaud

Our creative community welcomes natural explorers and go-getters who, like us, are driven to transform the old into the new. From painting our streets and silos with murals telling the stories of our people, to birthing the Landcare movement that challenged Australia to care for our environment – we’re always evolving and building new experiences. We share our passions and nurture the passions of others, invigorating and sparking inspiration in those who visit our town.

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Emma Howlett
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Multicultural Action Plan

Northern Grampians Shire Council is committed to providing a positive place for people of all cultures, backgrounds and faiths and is currently developing a Multicultural Action Plan.

If you would like more information on multicultural initiatives in Northern Grampians Shire, please contact Patricia Alves De Araujo at [email protected] and visit the Northern Grampians website to keep updated on the Multicultural Action Plan. 


St Arnaud is a former gold mining town, and holds rich historic stories to share with visitors to the community.

The community passion for celebrating all forms of art and culture is evident through various projects including the arts Space, the Raillery Huband street mural and silo art. The artistic talent of local residents is appreciated widely by residents and visitors.

This project was made possible thanks to support from the Victorian State Government.